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Beat the Rush

The Bonus is that we will save you time and money.

The weather is starting to heat up, Ramadan is around the corner, another end of school year beckons and I have to start my training rides out in Al Qudra even earlier to beat the increasing heat, so it must mean summer is rapidly approaching.

In the Moving and Relocation industry the June and July months are the most active time of year for people leaving UAE, many are returning home and others are moving onto a new assignment. So to beat the rush and the added stress my advice is to start to organize you move now. The first thing you should do is to obtain 3-4 quotations for your move cost. There’s plenty of choice out there so how do you decide which companies to call? Well that’s where we come in, at Expat Moves, all you need to do is visit our web site, spend less than 2 minutes completing some simple information, we will then call you to discuss the details and within 24 hours we will organize either an in home survey for you or provide you with some costs.

We won’t drown you in information or companies, we will only provide a maximum of 4 companies to choose from and they are all be good quality experienced providers! The added bonus is that we will save you time and money

Remember, start the process now, as the basic economic principles apply: when the demand increases unfortunately so do the prices, and of course the early bird catches the worm!!

Let the Expat Move team help you ease that stress of relocating.

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Looking for House Relocation in Dubai

So you finally got the confirmation call you had been eagerly expecting from your new job and are now desperately browsing the classifieds section of Khaleej Times searching for the best movers in town. After an hour of frantic searching, however, you surrender your quest and collapse on your couch, your head buried in your chest and the veins of your temple throbbing with worry. If you can relate to this predicament and are begging for some sort of divine intervention to rescue and deliver you from your quandary, fret no more – ExpatMoves is the answer to your prayers!

Coming to Dubai

When relocation in Dubai, many people, especially professionals, are constrained for time as the job application process is fast here. This means that you get little time (and luxury) when selecting your choice of movers to help you relocate. ExpatMoves is the Samaritan you need to contact when plagued by such a predicament. With our fast application process, we make sure that you get the perfect range of required services at the best price in town. All you have to do is visit our website and give us your name, address, and email and phone number and we’ll give you a call! You can even add additional details such as:

  • the nature of services you require
  • whether you are moving locally or internationally, and
  • where exactly you are planning to move

ExpatMoves will then process your details and search the market for the best deals, keeping in mind your convenience and your budget. The entire process is superfast so you don’t need to wait for days or weeks to get a quote from us. Additionally, what sets us apart from other similar service providers operating in the industry is that we do not give you just one quote but four of the best quotes from the leading moving companies in town! These quotes are finalized considering your unique requirements and preferences so that you can rest assured that no matter which of the four quotes you choose, you will end up saving both money and time! And with more than a hundred registered vendors on our panel and nearly 500 companies, we can safely assure you that we have just the right deal for you!

Why Chose Expat Moves?

Perhaps the best thing about ExpatMoves is that we let YOU choose the best quote! Once you have made the choice, simply let the successful company know and they will facilitate the moving process, making sure that there are no hindrances or setbacks. The entire process is superfast, taking you not more than 5 minutes. Comparing costs and the range of services of 4 different companies at a time, and that too on one website, saves you much needed time as well as money. We pride ourselves on making sure that we give all the customers who knock at our website door a prompt response and speedy service.

Additionally, all the companies that are listed on our panel go through compliance audits and legal requirements. They also have a proven track record when it comes to providing premium quality of services to a quality-conscious clientele. This means that you need not concern yourself with trivial matters such as moving delicate and expensive luxury items that are prone to disaster. We go an extra mile to ensure that only the best professionals in town are assigned your important task. So, whether you are locked in a race against time or simply lack the financial resources to pay an exorbitant sum of money for relocating, just have faith in us – ExpatMoves will get you the best quotes in town!

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Looking for Office Relocation in Dubai 

A business may consider relocating for an array of reasons – seeking cheaper rent, getting closer to their target market, or simply entering a new market! Whatever the reason for relocating, when a business decides to relocate its office, it is absolutely imperative that it plans everything down to the finest detail. Failure to do so can be disastrous as delay of even a day will cost you dearly and also affect your revenues projections for the month. So, it is essential that you approach only the best movers in town when you finally decide to move. ExpatMoves helps you search for the best movers in town by providing you with an easy 4-step process which is quick and time-saving:

Step 1 – The Application Form

If you think you’ll have to wander around town personally visiting offices of moving companies to get the best deals, you couldn’t be wronger! At ExpatMoves, we offer you the convenience of availing the best deals from the comfort of your home or office. Just visit our website and fill out our application form which takes less than a minute! All you have to do is fill out relevant details of your task, select the companies that you prefer, and then submit the form.

Step 2 – The Confirmation Call

We will then give you a confirmation call to book the order and also to fully understand your specific requirements. So you can tell us the quality of service you require, how soon you need the job done, and budgetary constraints, if any, that you have.We also believe in giving our customers a more personal experience and a personal call serves to reiterate just that! After we have all your specifications on paper, we book your order.

Step 3 – The Search

Who says you have to wander around town visiting offices of a dozen moving companies just to get that perfect deal? With an array of moving companies listed on our panel, searching for the company that has the best deal to offer takes us no time at all! We also keep in mind your specific requirements when searching for the best moving company in Dubai. This way, you can rest assured that you will be approached by the best movers in town who offer you quality as well as economy.

Step 4 – The Best Quotes

The unique thing about ExpatMoves is that we do not simply connect you to the best moving compant in town and be on our merry way. Instead, we get four of the best and most competitive quotes for you from four different market-leading companies. Hence, you have the convenience of deciding which quote to choose. This means that you may go for the one that offers the best quality for the most competitive price. With quotes from four different moving companies at your disposal, you simply have to decide which company you want to trust with your job. It’s that simple.

At ExpatMoves, we understand the needs and concerns of our clients. Whether you want to move into another office in the same city or a new one, we have just the right people to get your job done. And the best thing is that we will get you the best quotes in town so you dont have to worry about paying an outrageous amount of money for quality service. And with four of the best quotes to choose from, you need not worry about the quotes exceeding your budget or the moving company not offering quality services – we take into account everything!


Moving Internationally from Dubai and want to save Time and Money?

No matter how well (or fast) people adapt to change, it is true that few people actually welcome it with open arms. Moving from one place to another is one such type of change that can be really unsettling and unnerving. This is mostly because of the hassle of packing and boxing all your household furniture and items before moving them over a long distance. Of course you could ask a moving company to lend you a hand but help usually comes at a heavy price and you may spend several hours searching the market for the best deal. This only adds to your woes if you are moving internationally.

Expat Moves is a Godsend for you if you are bogged down by the hassles of moving; all you have to do is approach them! Simply fill in a few contact details on our website and they will call you for some relevant details about the job. Once this is completed Expat Moves will get to work, searching the market for the best deals available. The best thing about Expat Moves is that it keeps your taste and preferences in mind when searching for the best deals.

Expat Moves then sends you four quotations from four different moving services companies. This gives you the freedom of choice as you can pick the best deal from the lot. Hence, regardless of whether you are looking for premium service, or affordability, or both, you can rest assured that your specific needs and preferences will be addressed. And with prompt and premium international moving service, you are guaranteed a smooth migration regardless of whether you are moving to Dubai from USA or moving from to UK from Dubai!

In fact, I recently moved to Australia from Dubai and Expat Moves took care of all my worries and concerns. It offered me an easy and convenient way out while also keeping in mind my specific needs and preferences. Storage is usually a big issue for me because I have a lot of furniture and household items that demand much space. With Expat Moves, storage was not even an issue! And all this at the best price the market has to offer. If you are in the process of moving internationally from UAE and want to absolutely avoid unnecessary expenses as well as hassle, Expat Moves is just the right choice for you!


4 Quotes in 4 Simple Steps relocate from Dubai to Abu Dhabi?

I recently switched jobs and had to relocate from Dubai to Abu Dhabi at a moment’s notice. As expected, I let out a groan as I half-heartedly began packing my stuff. By the time the day had ended, I was surprised at how much stuff I had lying around in the house. I accepted the fact that I will need assistance and, in a desperate attempt, began dialing random phone numbers of moving companies from the telephone directory. After trying half a dozen numbers without any fruitful result, I was on the verge of giving up. This is when I stumbled upon Expat Moves in the list. Expat Moves offers a plethora of services to those looking to move their belongings from one city to another. It does this in 4 simple steps:

Step 1 – Fill out their application form with relevant details pertaining to the task and select your preferred companies.

Step 2 – You will then get a call from Expat Moves to confirm the order. The purpose of the call is more to fully understand the specific requirements of the client.

Step 3 – Expat Moves will then contact your preferred companies and get you the best deals, promising you economy as well as timeliness.

Step 4 – With four different moving company quotes at your disposal, you simple need to make a choice and decide which company you want to trust with your job.

What I found particularly interesting about Expat Moves was the convenience it offers to its clients. By simply filling in a simple form, I was able to get quotes on moving from four different companies. Expat Moves really made this ordeal hassle-free for me by adding convenience and saving my time.

Using Expat Moves also ensures that you effectively distance yourself from some of the most irritating and prevalent problems that you may encounter if you hire unprofessional and inexperienced movers. For instance, I remember the first time I had to do some long distance moving and called a team of movers who had little experience. They ended up breaking much of my stuff, apparently because they didn’t do the packing right. With Expat Moves, I didn’t have to bother myself with such trivialities.

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What Our Customers Say - Relocation testimonials

Well Done, Expat Moves. Using your website saved me time and the hassle of waiting for people who never call me back. Expat Moves got me the best quotes and helped me pick the right company to suit my needs. The website is so easy and simple to use. Thank you, I will certainly be recommending you to my friends.

Gina Samuelson - Relocation testimonials

We recently used Expat Moves website for all my moving needs. I was looking for an all in one service that someone could take care of due to my busy schedule. The timing and quality met my expectations and everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner. Defiantly the most convenient and hassle free way in getting the best price. I would highly recommend this website for your next move.

S. Wright - Relocation testimonials

I used Expat Moves to help me find a company to move us in Dubai. Very quick, professional and officiant, I was given a choice of price and company's I could pick from, no hanging around waiting for lots of different relocation companies to turn up. Great way to start moving, thank you guys at Expat Moves for your help, made my life so much easier.

Ann-Marie Philips - Relocation testimonial Customers