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Category Archives: Movers in Dubai

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Beat the Rush

The Bonus is that we will save you time and money.

The weather is starting to heat up, Ramadan is around the corner, another end of school year beckons and I have to start my training rides out in Al Qudra even earlier to beat the increasing heat, so it must mean summer is rapidly approaching.

In the Moving and Relocation industry the June and July months are the most active time of year for people leaving UAE, many are returning home and others are moving onto a new assignment. So to beat the rush and the added stress my advice is to start to organize you move now. The first thing you should do is to obtain 3-4 quotations for your move cost. There’s plenty of choice out there so how do you decide which companies to call? Well that’s where we come in, at Expat Moves, all you need to do is visit our web site, spend less than 2 minutes completing some simple information, we will then call you to discuss the details and within 24 hours we will organize either an in home survey for you or provide you with some costs.

We won’t drown you in information or companies, we will only provide a maximum of 4 companies to choose from and they are all be good quality experienced providers! The added bonus is that we will save you time and money

Remember, start the process now, as the basic economic principles apply: when the demand increases unfortunately so do the prices, and of course the early bird catches the worm!!

Let the Expat Move team help you ease that stress of relocating.

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Movers and Shakers

Closing shop and moving is a daunting task. There are small details to care for, endless packing and the worry that some packages might not make it to their destination or show up broken or irreparably damaged puts a dark cloud on any moving experience. Even though Dubai is a booming metropolis when the common British citizen hears the words Middle East they immediately think of a backward tent on a sand dune. This is why a Dubai move makes many expats scratch their heads and wonder how to find a reliable mover companies in Dubai.

Expat Moves is a British owned and run business with one simple goal; to connect expats with mover companies in Dubai that provide storage, packing and relocation services. Even office moves in Dubai are covered by Expat Moves. A safe, hassle-free Dubai move is just the click of a button away.

One Stop Shop

Expat Moves highly esteems being the one stop solution for all your Dubai move needs. With such a great amount to stress over a noteworthy piece of your instability is assumed control by us; where to move, how to move it, what to pack, what to desert; all these are niggling inquiries that Expat Moves answers and after that handles for you. A portion of the administrations mover organizations in Dubai give through Expat Moves are:

  • Moving Services
  • Capacity Services
  • Vehicle Shipping Services
  • Household Services

Such a large number of administrations in one spot, with master counsel and more than one quote for you to browse; Expat Moves has all territories of a Dubai move secured.

Modest Movers in Dubai

One of the primary inquiries any expat has before a Dubai moves is whether they can discover shabby movers in Dubai. It is without a doubt a costly city with property rentals a standout amongst the most costly markets of every one of them. It is a costly city to live in not to mention migrate to. Expat Moves likewise covers this extremely critical region.

We have an online shoddy movers in Dubai adding machine where you can enter the majority of your moving things and get a precise appraisal of how shabby movers in Dubai will be for your specific migration.

This is a convenient device which offers you some assistance with adding or subtract things to fit your cost spending plan so you can tailor your migrations costs and in addition get a legitimate quote for shabby movers in Dubai. No other organization gives such opportunity or adaptability to the customer from the word go.

Office Moves in Dubai

Dubai is the financial center point of the Middle East. It is a port city and has a wide range of business endeavors blossoming up each day. It just bodes well to benefit in the financial blast and let your organization get as a significant part of the piece of the overall industry as it can get and build up a fruitful organization starting with no outside help in the legendary city by the ocean regardless of which part of the world you are coming to it from.

Expat Moves deals with it all; office moves in Dubai, residential or home moves to Dubai even apartment moves to Dubai. Since office moves in Dubai are somewhat more muddled the anxiety included with it additionally copies.

Expat Moves likewise covers moving to new office spaces and offers the same stockpiling, pressing and dispatching administrations to organizations as it does to people moving to the financial center of the Middle East.

So whatever your needs, commercial or individual, expat or within Dubai, Expat Moves is the only safe, reliable and cost effective relocation option for those in the know.

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Top 5 moving tips from Expat Moves

How well can you arrange moving day? The moving company will be very busy packing and wrapping your items and there are a number of things you can do to make the move easier.

If moving locally its expected that you should be out of your home around midday, so it’s important that the moving team be quick and efficient.

The more last minute jobs you leave yourself the more your will be stressed. Here are our main five tips on the most proficient method to get sorted out and decrease the anxiety of moving day.

  1. Send kids and pets away for the day

Moving might be unpleasant for you, yet it can likewise be disquieting for children and pets. There will be a lot of movement and activity by the moving team and having to keep track of children and pets will add to your stress. It is well worth asking a friend or relative if they could take care of them whilst the move takes place.

  1. Pack yourself a survival box

Pack an obviously named box of essentials to offer you some assistance with surviving the day. These could include:

  1. Snacks and soda pops
  1. Toiletries, migraine pills and other prescription
  1. Save lights globes on the off chance that they’re required in the new property
  1. Gloves in case will be stacking and emptying
  1. Paper and pens to mark rooms in the news property
  1. A guide of where you are going
  1. Simple things you can prepare for first thing in the morning

Strip the beds and pack them in a crate/box you’ve put aside. Put down some form of covering to ensure the floor is protected from all the foot traffic that’s about to take place. The evacuations men are prone to turn up ahead of schedule and they work quick, so on the off chance that you are disassembling furniture or disengaging machines, do it the day preceding they arrive.

Put aside the vacuum cleaner and cleaning hardware for your very late clear up or, even better, ask a companion or cleaner to take every necessary step for you.

  1. Keep everybody educated

At the point when the moving team arrives, check the foreman knows the brief and get his cell telephone number if there should be an occurrence of crises.

Additionally, keep a rundown of key telephone numbers with you, including your bank, specialist, domain operators and loved ones – just in the event that you require pressing help.

When you get in, name or shading code every room so the moving team comprehend what will go where. Be clear about where you need any substantial furniture put.

  1. Try not to unpack excessively

On moving day, don’t hope to unpack everything besides the minimum necessities: bedding and a supper (and you may incline toward a takeaway).

It will help your entire family to settle in if the new place feels like home. One approach to help with this is to set aside a few pictures, so take some photo snares and a mallet, other recognizable items, and, if conceivable, ornaments.

Take these in your car as you are prone to touch base before the moving truck arrives. When you get into the new property, place them set up when you can.

The environment will feel more like your home, which can lift everybody’s spirits during a period when you are in all probability feeling drained and depleted.

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Moving to Dubai ?

Moving to a totally new land is an undertaking simpler said than done, particularly when a family is included. Moving to an alternate nation and subsiding into another life is a time of passionate and physical change that should be handled shrewdly with the right help and direction from companions, family, organizations offering migration administrations.

Another way of life shows beginning everything from a scratch, particularly the travel costs, visa methodology, wellbeing and restorative tests, convenience, getting acclimated to the way of life, new home and working environment, new companions, organizing a driver’s permit, setting up phone and satellite associations, scanning for the best school for your youngster and significantly more. This must be frequently dealt with little learning about the spot. Managers do offer assistance by subsidizing the travel costs or organizing another home, yet this is uncountable since it contrasts for businesses and workers.

There are not very many spots on earth where families and vocations both get an equivalent opportunity to thrive. Dubai fits the profile of a perfect relocatable city where vocation steps can be delighted in with families in the protected limits a prosperous emirate.

Living arrangement Visa

Aside from GCC nationals, natives of different nationalities mulling over to move sack and stuff to Dubai, need to apply for a job visa, an authoritative report obligatory to dwell and work in UAE. After landing, a wellbeing card is fundamental, trailed by a habitation license stamp on the visa and a work card, urgent on the off chance that you plan to work for the private area. The individuals who work for the administration area, it will find a way to complete off the strategy.

The wellbeing card is an essential imperative for an expat to get a residency visa and work card. This is done so by experiencing therapeutic and blood tests affirming that he/she is qualified for medicinal services administrations in Dubai. Private area organizations deal with their representatives by giving medical coverage scope, yet in the event that not really, then it turns into all the more important to acquire the card to cover restorative costs at government healing centers.

Whilst the wellbeing card is renewable consistently, living arrangement visas lapse following three years and termed invalid if the concerned expat dwells exterior UAE for a persistent time of over six months.

For folks:

UAE expats with a base pay of AED 6,000 every month with settlement or AED 7,000 without convenience can get an one-year renewable inhabitant visa for their guardians or in-laws. It is vital to demonstrate that they are the sole suppliers for their guardians and there is nobody in the nation of origin that will deal with them. On the off chance that, folks are separated or one of them has perished, the vital narrative verification must be created. Folks ought to be ensured by a base key restorative scope of AED 600 every prior year applying. In the wake of entering the nation with a section visa, guardian’s visa ought to be changed over to a living arrangement visa in close to 60 days from landing.

For family (wife and youngsters):

Groups of expats (wife and youngsters) living outside UAE ought to apply for a passage living arrangement visa and inside of 30 days after landing need to apply for a habitation stamp. A month to month compensation of AED 4,000 or AED 3,000 of the supporting expat, with convenience is obligatory.

For the home visa to stay substantial, he/she ought not go outside UAE for over 6 months.

For infants:

Folks or gatekeepers of babies ought to apply for their living arrangement visa inside of 120 days of her/his introduction to the world, coming up short which the youngster won’t be permitted to leave UAE. What’s more, the legitimate watchman must pay a fine of AED 100 every day over the 120-day period.

For cleaning specialists:

A home visa for a house keeper can be connected by the supporter, regularly the leader of the crew. Normally a male, his pay must not be not exactly AED 6,000 every month or AED 5,000 with convenience. Unmarried men can’t have any significant bearing for house keeper sponsorship. Just cleaning specialists from India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Ethiopia, Bangladesh and Indonesia can be supported.

There are two sorts of Residence Visa accessible for expats: Free Zone and Regular. Free Zone visas are issued if the organization office is enrolled in free zones alike to Jebel Ali (JAFZA) or Dubai International Airport (DAFZA). Not at all like different visas, a free zone visa does not require the endorsement of the Ministry of Labor. Remember that the free zone supports the expat and not the business. In this way, the expat can switch employments inside of the free zone, gifting him/her numerous chances to investigate new profession decisions.

Normal visas are issued to those wanting to work outside free zones. The business will be the backer, constraining the expat’s shot of looking for new boulevards. On the off chance that they plan to change their occupation, the prior business can boycott their entrance into UAE for 6 months refering to his discontent with the work yield.

Getting a Driving License in Dubai

In spite of the fact that there are numerous open methods of transport in Dubai, going in an auto is the most favored alternative. Nationals of the 36 nations endorsed by UAE can acquire their permit through exchange methodology, without experiencing any preparation. Others can get their undergoing so as to drive licenses preparing at an approved school. On the off chance that you are between 18 to 21 years old, you can apply for a trial permit.

Competitors applying for a driving permit through an approved driving school will need to experience a hypothesis test, street test and complete an eye test at a neighborhood optician. Identification (unique and duplicate), living arrangement grant duplicate, 8 travel permit photographs and NOC from your backer is required for getting the permit.

Identification (unique and duplicate), living arrangement grant duplicate, eye test declaration, current driving permit (unique and duplicate), one international ID photograph, interpretation of permit if important and NOC from your supporter is required for the exchange method.

Restoration of licenses is a snappy technique that happens at any RTA Traffic Office branch or shopping center outlet in under 30 minutes. Dubai likewise allows restoration of licenses and auto enlistment of vehicles from different emirates. A Passport duplicate,, eye test declaration, 1 international ID photograph, embeddings existing individual record or new one at RTA entryway, paying reestablishment expenses or/and fines if any is required for the recharging methodology.

Television and Satellite

Television is a prime hotspot for excitement and world news for an ostracize. An existence without TV is inconceivable and Dubai comprehends this difficulty. An occupant in the emirate is presented to different universal and neighborhood satellite stations worked from the Middle East area. The decision likewise demonstrates a developing rivalry between link organizations bringing about changing timetables of prominent TV programs. In spite of the fact that, there are a couple of physical TV slots, expats in Dubai for the most part choose territorial non-physical channels as they offer assorted qualities in the decision of projects and dialect.

As said before, the opposition activated between link organizations has prompted rearranging of prominent TV programs. In the event that your membership to a sure link organization depends on the channels and TV plans offered, then ideally abstain from marking long haul contracts.

Membership stations in Dubai are made accessible on link by means of E-Vision (a division of Etisalat) or through satellite by suppliers like OSN, Star TV and ART. Notwithstanding OSN, which is favored for television first run English appears, E-Vision is likewise prevalent since the Elife bundle incorporates telephone and Internet also.

Getting a Bank Account

Opening a ledger in Dubai is not generally loaded with issues as foreseen by an expat. In the event that they stay consistent with their expectations of giving the right lawful research material, nonnatives are more than welcome to open a record in Dubai banks. Indeed, Dubai banks should be stringent with bank conventions since an expansive number of guests and businesspersons apply for a record.

Exiles have it simple with opening a financial balance on the off chance that they give appropriate, effectively filled records that incorporate a travel permit duplicate with living arrangement stamp, NOC letter from business/support and an official archive of distinguishing proof. Further, the bank might request inhabitant’s assention with respect to address evidence and a couple visa estimated photos.

On the off chance that the relative is opening a financial balance, the leader of the family or the procuring part goes about as the patron. Extra techniques have a tendency to continue as before for relatives.

Compensation Account: A pay record is an obligatory for any expat working in Dubai. A NOC letter containing the compensation points of interest from the business is one of the essential archives asked by the banks. Moreover, a legitimate habitation visa stamp and identification photographs is additionally required.

Remote Currency Account: Many exiles send a piece of their salary to their nation of origin. This requires opening of a remote money account where neighborhood Dirham are changed over to generally utilized worldwide coinage like dollars and pounds.

You can discover a rundown of Commercial Banks and their Representative workplaces here.

The as a matter of first importance venture for any guest to Dubai is to gain a sensible guide for driving bearings and touring in the city. Dubai Geographic Information Systems Center offers great quality printable maps. Furthermore, The Wojhati (Journey Planner), propelled by the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority permits guests to arrange their excursion constant as it computes the inexact time the traveler will take to achieve the following open method of transport.

Open moving in Dubai is the least expensive and the most mainstream method of transport, favored by lower-pay class voyagers. Overseen by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), it incorporates open transports, between emirate transports, metro rail and taxi administrations. Transport and Train Ticket charges/passes are accessible online and additionally on loading up. Courses and transport numbers are put in both Arabic and English.


All that Remains – Moving can be a lot of fun

Moving can be a lot of fun. Whether you’re moving to Dubai or away from it, the idea of new opportunities, new people, or even returning to your native country and enjoying the familiarity, all hold great promise and pleasure.

However, moving, at the end of the day, is also a responsibility. With all responsibilities comes a small percentage of things….never quite going the way they should. Which is why one of the most crucial and often overlooked part of moving is making a home inventory of all your items for insurance purposes. All moving companies provide the best possible services, and though their professionalism is unquestionable and on record, it is always advisable to be in the know at your end. A few simple steps and attention to detail can go a long way in the long run.

From tenants to home owners to office spaces and all the valuable things in them, an inventory and succeeding insurance of all your possessions ensures that you too have a record of your belongings. From all things great and small, the little items we often overlook while moving are the ones that are often misplaced or unaccounted for. The insurance covers all of these. No matter where you live and no matter how long, you gather certain items with time that can be both invaluable and a token of your stay.

Apropos to some opinions, home and contents insurance is not a niche market, nor is it an expensive undertaking. Once you begin taking an inventory of your possessions, you too will begin to realize how much you own – dinner glasses, items of clothing, tools and so much more. The inventory is a good opportunity for you to also keep yourself in the loop of your possessions as much as it is for the moving company.

Expat Moves has professionals who can not only guide you with the details and ins and outs of inventory, but also provide you with a host of options that can fit your need.

While it’s a daunting task to take care of the details, especially when moving anywhere, it is of the utmost importance to be careful and mindful of your possessions, to avoid any unexpected inconvenience and to ensure you don’t miss an item that could be valuable.

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Well Done, Expat Moves. Using your website saved me time and the hassle of waiting for people who never call me back. Expat Moves got me the best quotes and helped me pick the right company to suit my needs. The website is so easy and simple to use. Thank you, I will certainly be recommending you to my friends.

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We recently used Expat Moves website for all my moving needs. I was looking for an all in one service that someone could take care of due to my busy schedule. The timing and quality met my expectations and everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner. Defiantly the most convenient and hassle free way in getting the best price. I would highly recommend this website for your next move.

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I used Expat Moves to help me find a company to move us in Dubai. Very quick, professional and officiant, I was given a choice of price and company's I could pick from, no hanging around waiting for lots of different relocation companies to turn up. Great way to start moving, thank you guys at Expat Moves for your help, made my life so much easier.

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